Tim Smith Drummer Tim Smith Drummer
Tim Smith Drummer
Tim Smith Drummer Nashville, TN  
  Talent. Experience. Rock Solid Consistency.  
Nashville-based journeyman drummer Tim Smith brings it.  
Well-traveled and versatile, Tim Smith has a reputation for his ability to play just the right groove with just the right feel coupled with a keen ear for the song.  
One only has to realize Smith's long-term impact by checking out his groundbreaking alternative rock drumming on the self-titled, multi-platinum debut album from crossover super group, Jars of Clay.

Tim's toured with industry icon, Brenda Lee, songwriting maven, Matraca Berg, and countless other rock, country, folk, jazz, and R&B artists...

Further proof comes in his 9-year long stint with legendary rock group, POCO.

  POCO: Rusty Young, Paul Cotton, Richard Neville, and Tim Smith on drums  
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tim smith drums nashville, tn
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Tim Smith Drummer Tim Smith Drummer